She Gets Loud Lyrics - by Leaders In The Clubhouse

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               She Gets Loud

I saw her in a Bar where we were drinkin'
In a couple minutes without thinkin'
We introduced each other with our tongues                                                        She said I'd better follow her to her place                                                          When I got there she was rounding third base and giving me the signal to slide home

She moaned ...oh, oh, oh, oh
Like a dirty Blonde Volcano about to blow                                                          She gets loud / She gets loud
'n' she's all the more excited to draw a crowd

We do each other sexual favors
When I'm down she always wakes the neighbors                                       
Everybody knows she’s havin’ fun                                                                          In bed, it's really hard for me to stay calm                                                          Because this girl is sexual napalm                                                                           It builds to a crescendo, then it's done

But wait... what do I hear?
The silence is so deafening, it's clear                                                                When she gets loud / She gets loud and that's the only reason I'm around

I finally had to tell her we were over
She interrupted me before I told her
"Going on like this is just insane"
We kissed to show there were no hard feelings                                                        She laid down, staring at the ceiling                                                                   
Said "We should go out with a BANG !"

She gets loud / She gets loud
'n' she don't care who's listenin'
'n' I don't care who listens when
She gets loud
She gets loud
I don't really know what happens now


© Spud Davenport / Charlie Recksieck /